N-Tegrity Delta 8 Flower and Pre Rolls


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Wedding Cake – Enjoy dessert before dinner if you want by relaxing with some Wedding Cake. Perfect for when you’re ready to unwind.

NYC Diesel White – A bright green CBG flower with a mild flavor and focusing effects that are great for anytime of day. One of our favorite offerings now in Delta 8!

Jungle Juice – What is Jungle Juice? That’s an excellent question. Let us know if you figure it out. Seriously though, Jungle Juice is the Mystery Flavor Dum-Dum of N-Tegrity flower. It’s a little bit of all of our delta-8 flower (past and present) mixed together so it’s predictably amazing but never the same twice!

Gas – Float away on a cloud of Gas to unwind. With a terpene profile similar to the OG, Chem, and Diesel lines, the gassy aroma will lure you in and mellow you out. Haze – Peacefully energetic Haze will have you blissfully sailing through daytime projects. Earthy with a slight berry bite, Haze is the perfect daytime treat. Drifter –

Pinewalker CBDV

Lemon Octane,

Forbidden V CBDV,

Bubba Kush



All N-Tegrity products uses nothing synthetic in their flower. It’s just hemp derived Delta-8 distillate (the same stuff in our tasty vapes) lovingly showered onto the high quality CBD flower you know and love. The flower is then thoroughly dried and stored in air tight containers.

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Bubba Kush, Connoisseur, Forbidden V CBDV, Lemon Octane, Pinewalker CBDV


1 Gram, 3.5 Gram, 7 Gram, PreRoll