Mènage THCa Hemp Flower


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Want a legal, potent real cannabis buzz? Meet our all-new Mènage THCa hemp flower! This Indica Dominant (70/30) Hybrid is known for it’s fast-acting effects, making users feel relaxed, hungry and sleepy.

The THCa Mènage high will reach your mind first, flooding your brain with creativity and happiness. As the high progresses, you’ll feel the body high creep in, leaving you heavily relaxed and slightly sedated.

The Mènage strain offers a symphony of flavors, including sweet, spicy, lemony, and citrus flavors with a flowery exhale. Its aroma follows the same notes, with spicy hash overtones highlighted by flowery lavender and a dash of sour citrus.

Mènage specifics:
– D9 THC: 0.29% (Less than 0.3% in accordance with 2018 Farm Bill)
– THCa: 23%
– Total Cannabinoids: 24.38%

Sold by the gram, 1/8 oz,1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, or whole ounce quantities.

Current pricing is $14.00 per gram,
**To order online increase quantity per gram wanted**

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