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No matter how you want to feel, STIIIZY has a preroll that can take you there. How do we do it? Simple. With quality. We use the same strains of top shelf STIIIZY cannabis flowers in our pre-rolls that we sell in our bags, and every STIIIZY preroll is made from whole flower, not shake. STIIIZY prerolls aren’t just rolled, they’re engineered to deliver flawless flavor, a smooth draw, and slow, even burn every time. Let STIIIZY do the dirty work, and put that tray, grinder, and hassle behind you

Here are some details about the STIIIZY Blue Dream 40’s Pre-Roll Multi Pack .5G:
  • The Blue Dream strain is a cross between Blueberry and Haze
  • It’s a good strain for concentrates because of its high THC-filled resin content
  • It’s a Sativa that can provide an uplifting, energetic high
  • It has amazing flavors and aromas
  • The pre-rolls are high potency and infused with cannabis and coated with kief
  • You can choose from a 3.5G (.7G x 5) Pre Roll Multi Pack 1000MG


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Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough, Watermelon Z


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