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Why Sacred Leaf For Your Source Of CBD

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Why Sacred Leaf For Your Source Of CBD


If you have watched or read the news over the past few months, I am sure you have seen at least one article talking about CBD. Most of these articles say one of two things, either CBD is amazing, or you need to be careful where it comes from. CBD is considered a supplement and for this reason, it is not currently being regulated. This opens this product up to fake claims, bad products, and scams!

Sacred Leaf started for one main reason. To deliver the BEST CBD that we can to our customers. For this reason, we wanted to explain what sets us apart from the others. We pride ourselves in our amazing products and we want everyone to know about them!

Sacred Leaf is an organic company. Others many say they use organic ingredients, but we take it a step further. Organic to us means the whole process. Our fields are organic. We do not use pesticides, herbicides, or anything on our plants.

We are a seed to shelf company. Many companies out there will say USA made, which can mean many things included imported hemp oil that was BOTTLED in the USA. We do not want to fudge the facts. We OWN fields in the USA. We grow OUR patented hemp strains in those fields. We then extract in OUR lab, which is ALSO in the USA. We control the entire process from planting to bottling so we can make sure we know what is in the product. To take things one step further, we then batch test each bottle, label them, and share the labs on our website for everyone to see!

The most important part of any company is its employees and we know that. That is why we make sure to hire people with a passion for the product. We are not “just sales people”. Honestly, we would rather teach our customers how to find a good product and send them out into the world than to just get an easy sale. We want you to know not only what you are getting, but also what to expect when using it.

Sacred Leaf also recognizes that you are different than everyone else that walks in our store. We do not make one general recommendation for how to use CBD. My 90 pound grandma does not need the same dose as an NFL Linebacker who weighs 300 pounds. This is why our staff takes the time to learn about you. Your ailments may require you to take more and we can help point you in the right direction.

CBD isn’t new, it has been here longer than us. However, the usage of CBD for ailments is a newer attitude. One that is growing not only across the US, but across the world! Our goal is to share our knowledge and our product line to help make your lives a little less stressful, painful, or just plain better!

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