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What is Diamond Sauce?

Diamond sauce is another cannabis concentrate known for its high potency and appealing crystalline appearance. Not surprisingly, it is also one of the purest and most concentrated forms of extracts on the cannabis market today.

Like weed diamonds, diamond sauce is produced through an intricate extraction process that separates the cannabinoids, specifically THC, from the plant material.

Once the initial extraction process is complete, the resulting concentrate then goes through a specialized purification process that removes impurities and other unwanted substances.

Then, the concentrate is placed in a controlled environment for an extended period to allow the cannabinoids to crystallize to create diamond-like structures within the sauce. In other words, you get diamonds and sauce in one product.

The crystal-like structures that develop in diamond sauce consist mainly of pure THC, resulting in an extremely potent and highly concentrated product. However, you should know that diamond sauce is also quite rich in other cannabinoids.

Sunset Sherbert 1g THC-A Diamond Sauce: This Indica-dominant hybrid is made with live resin from fresh frozen plants that are blazing with THC-A diamonds. With notes of fresh berries and earthy cannabis flower, this strain will lull you into a dreamy state of relaxation, perfect for late-night seshing!

Grape Runtz 1g THC-A Diamond Sauce: Made with real live resin from fresh frozen plants, Grape Runtz is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a lineage of Zkittles, Grape Ape, and OG Kush. This THC-A diamond dab delivers a true-to-cannabis experience that will leave you feeling blissful, relaxed, and grape-ful you’re high!

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Grape Runtz, Sunset Sherbert


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