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Lifter - CBD Flower

We have this in a Delta 8 infused hemp flower for the “Euphoria” feeling.

Lifter is a high-CBD hemp strain that is popular among those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes. It is a hybrid strain that was created by crossing Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud. Lifter is known for its uplifting and energizing effects, which can help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. It also has a sweet, earthy aroma and a flavor profile that is described as being woody, piney, and slightly spicy. Like other hemp strains, Lifter contains less than 0.3% THC, which means it does not produce the psychoactive effects commonly associated with cannabis use. Instead, Lifter is typically used for its medicinal properties, including pain relief, inflammation reduction, and relaxation.

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